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Scroll to see each anthology, my story's title, and a short description/excerpt. Click on the image for Amazon links. Thank you for popping in.

Paramourtal 2_edited.jpg

The Shimmer in the Woods - Paramourtal - Fairy Tale

The pain of Gretel’s death still festers in her brother, Hansel’s, soul. As a man grown, he ventures into the twisted woods to taste the one true remedy to his pain – revenge. On his journey, Hansel encounters The Shimmer, a mystical dweller in the witch’s realm. Will she prove to be an ally or enemy on his quest?


My knife will speak for me. The knife whose blade holds a trinity of blood – my father’s, the village mystic’s, and mine in its steel. A knife to kill things both natural and unnatural. A knife to kill a witch.

Journeys 1.jpeg

Afterdeath - Journeys of Wonder Volume 1 - Sci Fi

Follow the rules, quantify love, and receive the gift of forever with your soulmate. Challenge the rules and beg mercy from the stars. Will Javi and Lenore agree to the same Afterdeath when they leave this life, or will they be parted for eternity? 


The splash of the Milky Way undulates through the twinkling splatter of pure white points. The silent music of starlight crests and flows, illuminating a black shore. “Do you see why the stars call me, Javi? I must go to them in my Afterdeath. They are my forever.”

Journeys 2.jpeg

Helios - Journeys of Wonder Volume 2 - Myth

As the last vestiges of humanity are poised to flee Earth through an Einstein-Rosen bridge to their new world, the power of one young woman’s desire to claim her truth shines against the backdrop of the dying sun. 


The Elite Stratum guards surround us, preventing access to The Sun Stallion, the Last Leader’s magnificent ship. I pull off my helmet, drop to one knee, and place my right hand over my heart. “Father, I have come on this last day to claim my birthright.” Granting me the helm of The Sun Stallion will be Last Leader’s final chance to admit I am indeed his daughter. 

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