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Award Winning Romantic Comedies

Hot Set DIGITAL cover.jpg

Hot Set

Book 1

2023 Holt Award Medallion Winner for

Mid-Length Contemporary Romance 

2024 Recommended Read - Author Shout Reader Ready Award

The hottest couple on a wildly popular TV romance can’t compete with the sizzle behind the camera. 


Gilly Bettencourt is almost as fed up with writing witty descriptors for a sportswear catalog as she is with her on-the-sly workplace relationship with the CEO’s son that makes her feel like a dirty little secret.


After catching her boyfriend with another woman, Gilly leaps at the opportunity to head to Ireland as a writer’s assistant on the much-anticipated TV show, The Chieftain’s Son, an Irish historical drama based on an insanely best-selling series of romance novels.


When Gilly meets Jack O’Leary, star of the series, passion blazes between the two. Unfortunately, the show insists on branding Jack as an available heartthrob—landing Gilly in the type of hush hush relationship she crossed an ocean to forget.


Can their love affair survive the demands of the show’s PR machine, or is Gilly doomed to be typecast as the girl behind the scenes?

Press Release DIGITAL.jpg



Press Release

Book 2

2024 Recommended Read - Author Shout Reader Ready Award

Meg McGrath, a publicist with few but impressive credits on her resume, finds herself playing in the P.R. big leagues when she lands the coveted job as head of publicity for "The Chieftain's Son," an Irish historical drama based on an insanely bestselling series of romance novels. The show's buzz hits the stratosphere in its first season, and given her lack of experience, the network questions Meg's ability to keep up with the skyrocketing publicity demands of their top tier show.

When her boss threatens to replace her with a new head of P.R. and demote Meg to an assistant position, she convinces him to make a deal. If she orchestrates an unforgettable splash for "The Chieftain's Son" at Cali Con, a massive Comic Con type event in San Diego, she'll continue at the helm of publicity for the show. 

Much to Meg's resentment, in San Diego, the network pairs her up with Cian Malley, the publicist of the network's other top show, "Star's Shadow," to show P.R. rookie Meg the ropes. Her game plan to simply siphon off her competitor's marketing flair to keep her job is ruined when the heat between them burns past the boundaries of a professional connection, complicating everything. 

Will the sizzle between Meg and Cian inspire her to up her game and impress her boss, or does her naïveté blind her to the real P.R. game going on behind her back?

Not to Scale


Elodie Pettipas is reeling from landing her dream job, the coveted production designer position on the hit Irish TV show, The Chieftain’s Son. Even though her talent and excellent track record of bringing history to life on screen has allowed her to soar past much more experienced competitors, Elodie battles with anxiety and the self-doubt of being able to handle the demands of the mega-show.


After months of virtual meetings, Elodie arrives on set in Ireland finally meeting cinnamon roll showrunner, Bobby Provost, face-to-face. As Elodie struggles to win over her new crew, Bobby’s generous support and belief in her talents boost her confidence. What began as an easy online friendship in virtual meetings deepens into a steamier collaboration.  


Just as Elodie succeeds in winning over her team and allows herself to embrace the budding romance with Bobby, a career-making offer from Hollywood intrudes on her idyllic vision of the future. 


Will the lure to rise in the Hollywood hierarchy destroy Elodie’s path to happiness?

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